Industrial Disconnectors

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Product Details

● F series weatherproof isolation switch wide range of applications, suitable for any outdoor application conditions. Including unipolar, bipolar and three-pole switch, current range 20A-63A. Base mounting arrangement provides easier termination and more wiring space. (Switch size is 165 * 82mm, total height 85mm)
● Install grounding and neutral connecting rod with double intensify screw, dial the same cable length and reliable clamping aperture terminal 5-6mm.
● more secure, install the switch to metal structure is provided with an insulating cap, insulating cap covering the base mounting screws to prevent them from lifting to a live cable.
● Each device provides a threaded pipe threaded Reducing joint connector box to connect with 25mm or 20mm pipes and nuts. Nuts must meet IP rating.
● impact resistant base and cover almost all installation conditions can withstand violent collision. This two-part seal consists of a weather-resistant seal.
● For safety, a 7mm diameter hole for the operating lever is locked in the OFF position. Installation depth separator to ensure the operating lever to prevent accidental operation.
● All device complies with IEC60947-3
● Standard color is gray and white